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The Lamplighter Society is the #1 group of preparedness minded people in the U.S. and growing… but we need YOU.

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170 Gallons A Day

  • How to quickly and easily purify any water, even urine, to store, drink or cook with after a disaster
  • Rookie mistakes and false assumptions about drinking water that can literally kill you
  • Time-tested, simple-to-follow system that can provide up to 170 gallons of clean water per day


Growing Up

  • Grow enough food to feed a family of 4 in just 4 square feet of space - even if you don't have a yard
  • Illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to turn yourself into a quality gardener even if you've never planted anything before
  • Time-saving watering and weeding tips that can extend your plants' life and boost yields


Seeds For Life

  • Where you can find 12lbs of fresh organic heirloom seeds guaranteed to grow in your soil and climate for FREE each year
  • Learn how to store and care for your seeds to keep them safe and ready to germinate until you need them
  • Blueprint to trade, barter, and even sell your excess seeds now, or in a crisis when prices skyrocket


How to Cook and Store Food Outside

  • Complete A-to-Z guide on how to cook and store food outside even if you do not have access to power or other modern conveniences
  • The 10 food items that last a lifetime and should never be thrown away (you probably already have at least 8 in your pantry)
  • Exactly how to store fruits and vegetables when canning is not an option


Bartering with Desperate People

  • How to get what you want and need in a disaster situation by using these proven negotiation tricks
  • How to protect yourself from hostile negotiation traps (most are defenseless against these, often with tragic consequences)
  • What never to do (or say) in the first moments of a negotiation (and why you need this knowledge before you face this scenario)


How to Make and Use Primitive Weapons

  • Ex-Army soldier reveals 21 "no holds barred" primitive weapons you can use to keep your family safe
  • Emergency weapons EVERY bathroom, kitchen, and living room in America has hidden in plain sight
  • 3 pieces of sports equipment that show any attacker they picked the wrong house … (HINT: Only one of them is a baseball bat)


How to Hide Your Guns

  • How to keep your guns ready but hidden from thieves, bandits, and (if need be) even Uncle Sam
  • Step-by-step instructions for building secret compartments and fast-access hiding spots for your firearms
  • The worst places to keep your guns because they are the first places others will look


Instant Identity Armor

  • Detailed 47-point plan that protects your family from identity theft and fraud
  • How to avoid rookie mistakes that leave you exposed to identity theft that can literally ruin your financial life
  • How to stop identity thieves dead in their tracks before you become a victim


How To Make Money After Crisis

  • Alternative means of currency during a survival scenario and the most caluable items for a post-crisis environment
  • Details on running a small business from home, and effective ways to adjust your business to your environment
  • Investment strategies and alternative investment vehicles for wealth preservation in times of crisis.


I want to give you instant access to our entire library of Survival Guides (20+ titles including “The Prepper's Playbook,” “Get Out of Dodge,” “Unlimited Ammo,” and the 9 Survival Guides listed above) for FREE.

PLUS, I'll give you access to every Survival Guide we release in the future as well.

That's over $567 of value I'm giving to you just for giving The Lamplighter Society a chance.

Remember, The Lamplighter Society is the largest community of preparedness minded people in the U.S. with over 8,000 members ... but we want YOU!

Which is why in addition to getting all the Survival Guides listed above, you'll also receive The Lamplighter Report , our monthly publication that includes our latest survival research, information and tips on emergency preparedness, detailed equipment reviews, and in-depth expert interviews delivered directly to your doorstep, each and EVERY month.

You could almost call it our "Survival Diary." Basically, when you have access to the The Lamplighter Report you get to see every update we make to our PERSONAL survival "Real Time".

Plus, The Lamplighter Report readers get....

  • ESSENTIAL Survival "How-To's" (3 - 5 EACH MONTH)
  • New "Off-The-Grid" Books, Videos, and Sites we've discovered
  • Real Life "Case Studies" of how other families are preparing
  • "What Went Wrong" - Analysis of COMMON Mistakes That Most Preppers are Making
  • and much, MUCH more...

Access to The Lamplighter Report and the entire Lamplighter Report Archive is only $19.95 a month, which we think you'd agree is a very reasonable price to pay for the security of your family.

And don't forget - you'll also get instant access to the preparedness Survival Guide Library (and every report we release in the future) just for giving The Lamplighter Society a chance.

You Get It All – Just For Giving The Lamplighter Society a Chance

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